Handling Your College Application
CV or Resume

Make it Easy to Read

There is nothing worse than receiving a CV or resume that has a whole life worth of experiences crammed onto one page. In order for your resume to have an impact on the reader, make it easy to read by using proper spacing, bolding some titles and by choosing what important content to share. Make the information relevant: if you walked your family dog at age 12, that will no longer be considered a skill at 17 that you should put on a CV or resume, so choose carefully what you share.

Clear Sections

Break your CV or resume up into sections, like Academics, Research, Extracurricular Activities, Hobbies and so on. Order the information in each section according to your most current achievements. Use clear titles and short bulleted points to offer information about the activity. Offer important points and not an exhaustive list of everything you have done that no one will read.

There are many different formats and you can usually choose one that suits you, but keep it simple and uncomplicated for the best result.

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