Learning Modules

Our learning modules are uniquely designed to support each stage of the college application and admissions process. From Common Application essay topic selection to essay writing and interview preparation, ADDMITTO is your one stop shop for all things admissions.

Module 1Common Application Main Essays Explained

This module explains what the Common Application essay entails and how to respond to each of the 7 prompts in a way that will help your essay stand out for an immediate advantage.

Module 2Choosing Your Common App Main Essay Topic

This module covers the topics which can be covered in your Common Application essay. Students will learn to develop an essay strategy and how to write for various topics.

Module 3Supplemental Essays & Topics Explained

This module highlights how to write supplemental essays on difficult themes and topics. This module covers a variety of supplementary topics and teaches students how to write a holistic essay to support their application.

Module 4EssayXL – Essential Essay Mechanics

This module explains the TDI Essay Method and how to use it to create essays that will help you get admitted. From a strong hook to an impactful ending, students will learn essay mechanics to construct a well written essay.

Module 5Handling Your College Application

This module covers what students need to know about the admissions process before submitting an application—including application types, deadlines, CV’s, and admissions response types.

Module 6Admission Interview Preparation

This module teaches how to prepare for different types of admissions interviews. From face to face to video interviews, and typical interview questions this module will prepare students to seal the deal during their interview.

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