How to Prepare for a College Application

Evidence of personal development in application essays is key to getting admitted to a great school.

Going off to study at a great college is usually considered the start of a new phase in a young adults life. Often overlooked is that a successful college admission marks the end of a phase that should have already started many years before.

The most successful college applications will show that learning has come from both directed sources (academic courses and electives at school) and non-directed sources (self-driven exploration of one's curiosity beyond the classroom) over a period of 1-3+ years. Therefore, it is important that as you encourage your child to read widely and develop good study habits, you also inspire and motivate their interest in non-academic activities and interests as well.

Stand out and show potential for success.

Building up a solid academic foundation on its own is no longer enough to ensure admission to a great school. Admissions wants to see that an applicant has also built up a solid personal foundation by exploring their interests through extra-curricular activities, both at school and in the community.

Evidence of solid academics, combined with personal growth as shown in the essays, will let an admissions officer feel an applicant's potential for success as a student. That combination is what results in admission offers to the best American universities.


Most applicants invest in getting some help to increase their chances of an admission offer.

I founded ADDMITTO to share with you my years of experience as an admissions essay coach working with American and international students. I hope to proudly add your name to the list of the thousands of students and their families that I have helped get admitted to their dream school.

The application process can be stressful and confusing but ADDMITTO gives you everything you need to understand how to develop an essay strategy, how to write a set of solid Common Application essays and then how to prepare for  any admission interviews just like a pro. 

Thank you for considering ADDMITTO as part of your child's quest for a great college education. I look forward to being a part of that process and wish you the very best outcome with your application!

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