Prompt 3: Challenged Belief

Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?

Be a voice, not an echo

Keep It Reasonable

The belief or idea that you choose to write about should be significant and something that is personal to your own experience. If you choose this prompt, be careful not to alienate the reader by too strongly asserting your beliefs in way that could compete with their own way of thinking about the very same issue.

Prompt 3 works well for applicants who have a history of social activism that is reflected in their activity list, evidence of their passion about a certain kind of issue. Some applicants chose this prompt as a way to show admissions something about how they reacted to an event or a problem that affected their life in some way. Racism, bullying, social justice, moral decency … there are many experiences that can be used to make your point and reveal how you think.

Showing balance and maturity is key.

Do not use this essay to grandstand on some trendy social issue or current event that you want to rant about. The best answers come from your own life experiences and how you demonstrated the courage to question or challenge a belief or idea because doing so was right and it benefitted you or the people who are close to you in some important way.

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