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Since 2002, I have provided Common Application essay and interview coaching services for outstanding applicants located in North America, Asia and elsewhere around the world. My experience has taught me that no matter how bright you are, communicating your experience, goals and dreams effectively in your application essays and during your interview is what leads to offers of admission at the best American universities. 

College admission has become highly competitive. Most applicants seek help to gain an application advantage.

I founded ADDMITTO as a boutique consultancy to share my many years of experience, helping you to quickly transform your application from average to outstanding. My TDI Essay Method helps undergraduate applicants structure their experience and goals in a way that is unique and highlights their strengths, deals with their weak points and gives them an immediate advantage over other applicants.

No matter what type of applicant you are, be it the straight A class leader or an average student who is looking for an edge with his or her application, our straight forward videos, online tutorials and essay examples guide you on how to write about your main essay topic, how to handle supplemental essays and how to prepare for admission interviews in a way that lets you stand out, get noticed and get admitted to your dream school.

I take great pride in sharing with you
my many years of professional and life experience in the successful pursuit of your dreams.

Studying Political Science and Mandarin language at the University of British Columbia and then completing my MBA at The Richard Ivey School of Business opened up exciting career opportunities to work and live internationally with Fortune 100/500 companies.

My education, career and life experiences have taught me that the ability to communicate effectively determines the kinds of opportunities that are offered even to the most educated people. Living internationally and working across cultures has helped me to understand how to tell an applicants story from a different point of view, shaping the way they present themselves to admissions and leaving their application unique and different from others in the applicant pool. 

I hope that ADDMITTO will be the next step on your admissions journey and I would welcome the chance to add your name to the thousands of students that I have already helped get admitted to their dream schools.

I wish you every success with your application!

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John Hannon,  MBA



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