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Handle Your College Applications
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Our videos, tutorials and real application essay examples help guide you to choose a main essay topic, write supplemental essays and prepare for admissions interviews.

Our TDI Essay method will help you focus on what's important to tell admissions what they really want to know. From organization to structure and content, learn how to tell your story in an impactful way that stands out from other applicants and gets results!


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Handle Your College Applications Like a Pro

ADDMITTO does not write college admissions essays or guarantee admission to any particular school. But our awesome team of editors will help you edit your application essays for improvement to create a better application outcome. 



“The essay examples and how to write for impact using the TDI method really did transform my essay. I also worked harder on the supplements and I think that too really helped my application.”
Alexia C from New York — Pace University (Accounting) with USD 40,000 Scholarship

“I knew I was pretty borderline, but I was hopeful. Addmitto TDI helped me to show my strengths in my essays and  why I should be admitted to CMU.”

Brian D from Oregon — Undergraduate at College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

“ I never though that playing the piano could be used to show that I am a good candidate for math at MIT. The guidance was amazing! Thank you very much.”

Carol T from New York — A Piano Prodigy and now a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics at MIT

“After signing up for ADDMITTO I found out that my essay topic and focus were totally wrong. I think changing my essay saved my application.”

Dan H from Pennsylvania — NYU Stern Business School Class of 2026

“My low GPA turned out to be no problem because my essays showed that I had ideas and a plan to carry them out. The Skype interview preparation was excellent and I learned a lot. I highly recommend getting some help with your application, in my case it made a big big difference”

Kent L an International Student — International Relations, Columbia University.

“Thank you so much for helping our daughter with her application essays. The guidance she got was excellent (sorry it was a bit difficult) so we want to start working on our son’s application for college next year."

Lena Hammond from LA — Daughter was Early Action, now studies Undergraduate Biology at Stanford.

“Williams, Pomona, Amherst and Brown. OMG I got offers to all of these schools!!!

Mandy D from Beijing — Now studying at Williams College

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Handle Your College Applications Like a Pro!

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